50 Awe-Inspiring Sleeve Tattoo Design and Ideas

Sleeve tattoos are usually very intense and of course intricate. From your wrist to shoulder, arm length tattoos are referred to as full sleeve tattoos that have their own charm. You would not believe, that sleeve tattoos are hardest of them all in the making.

55 Unusual and Creative 3D Tattoos To Die For

3D tattoos is the perfect example of how tattoos have evolved since so many years. With 3D tattoos now it’s possible to showcase photo-realistic optical illusions on one’s body and everyone love it.

65 Small Tattoo Ideas for the Awesomeness Status

To get a small tattoo is probably safe and it can help you overcome your nervousness, as its size can be tiny so that you don’t have to flaunt it to everybody. Although there are pretty good ways to remove tattoos with tattoo removal kits, still it’s not easy.

55 Sun Tattoos That Brings Wisdom and Strength

Sun tattoos are meaningful to many, due to the fact that it’s our primary source of energy and life. Many cultures around the world have religious and symbolic meaning attached to it, and this is the reason sun tattoos are very popular.

55 Artistic White Tattoos for Men and Women

White tattoos are slowly capturing the market, as an increase of white tattoo designs are seen nowadays. Black ink can be said as the official tattoo color till now, but white tattoos have certainly coming into existence in recent times.

50 Awesome Tattoo Designs for Tattoos Love

Awesome tattoos are not similar to the common tattoos, these are way more cool. This is the real display of youth, vibrant generation and lifestyle. To get the awesome status, you only need to find one awesome tattoo that can work for you.