Chevron Tattoo: Meaning & Significance

The chevron symbol contains upward pointed arrows, one below the other. The arrows can be seen in as many as four in a row, but not all chevron emblems have the same numeral of arrows. In heraldry, the chevron emblem is one of the numerous notable signs. 

This logo and its number of arrows, in most cases, designate the ranking of a particular member of the military or any other armed forces. Each arrow itself is known as a chevron. These chevrons come in the form of a patch or badge sewn onto the individual’s military jacket/police uniform. 

One chevron suggests that the individual is a private or lance corporal. Two chevrons display that said person is a corporal. Three chevrons are a sergeant, and holding four chevrons represents a higher ranking sergeant. 

This symbol did not emanate directly from the military perspective, however. Instead, this symbol dates back to the ancient Greco-Roman Empire when Greece and Rome interlocked civilizations. The chevron symbol is the fourth letter or number in the Roman alphabet. 

Military Chevron Tattoo

Depending on your logic for wanting this tattoo, there are additional ways to go about the graphic; how big or small it can be, where you get it, how you represent it on yourself, and what goals. Since the chevron is a straightforward design, you can fit it anywhere. Those who have been in the army or are maybe even operating in the armed forces with chevrons on their jackets like to remind themselves of their accomplishments. Many people in the military will get the number of chevrons they own and put it on the site where it is displayed on their jackets. 

Viking Chevron Tattoo

The ancient Vikings even had their chevron symbol, much like how the Spartans would equip the emblem on their shields. The Vikings would also have a logo for chevrons on their supplies. This character was a good luck charm to soldiers and anyone in the presence of the chevron. It is a mark for moving forward and constructing your reality. 

Double Chevron Tattoo

If you obtain this tattoo, you are in one of the military’s armed forces. As noted before, the double chevron symbol suggests you are a military corporal. As a corporal, you reach another chevron on your patch or badge. It is an upgrade from an E-4 specialist to an E-5 sergeant and acts in an E-5 billet, being a head of a firing squad. 

Triple Chevron Tattoo

A triple chevron mark in the military signifies that the individual sporting this marking has been promoted from E-5 sergeant to a sergeant. The responsibilities of a sergeant are higher than those of an E-5 sergeant. Sergeants with the triple chevron have dominion over those with two or one chevron, including police officers but are under lieutenants. It is a ranking that is very difficult to acquire. 

Cottice Tattoo

The cottage is a chevron shape used in Celtic symbolism. Like everything else it is used for, this chevron symbol is displayed on a coat of arms. The character of the Celtic chevron represents defense or protection and is noticed on many shields. Amongst the Celtics, this symbol represented a fighter or hunter. It may have even meant somebody in the community that was a builder or protector. 

Shield Tattoo

If you desire a chevron tattoo but like to add a little imagination and a warrior-like aspect, you can get your chevron encased in the frame of a shield. There are many shield designs in heraldry depicting the chevron symbols. Adding colors to these shields and signs can help identify which warrior outfit you want to embrace!