Couple Tattoos to Inspire You

Having a couple’s tattoo constructs a bold statement about your association and offers the world what your other half suggests to you. 

There are many ways to exhibit your eternal love for your partner, and gaining matching tattoos is a popular choice. Getting inked together is a beautiful bonding experience. You can exhibit your creative side when you choose a design together.

Keep reading to locate all the inspiring couples’ tattoo ideas to assist you in deciding on the perfect artwork to serve both of you.

Small Couple Tattoos

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to tattoos. When choosing your design, it’s best to go for something that fits your sense of style, budget, and pain tolerance! For example, if you like a minimalist look, don’t keep a lot of money to spend, and can’t stand the thought of being beneath the needle for hours, a small tattoo is your most suitable choice.

Cute Couple Tattoos

Active pairs who are young at heart will adore cute couple tattoos. Cartoons, fruit, and fluffy animals drive for adorable body art. These loveable inkings are also good if you have a youthful mind for fashion. It’s all about choosing a design you’ll love, which will give a smile on your face!

Matching Couple Tattoos

Having an identical tattoo links you together for life. For example, you could select a special symbol, word, or phrase, in-joke from your relationship, or mark an anniversary or a milestone. Matching tattoos are famous for couples who are very similar. It is because they represent being soulmates and thinking alike.

Unique Couple Tattoos

They represent universal emotions of love and affection in a straightforward way to understand. However, not every couple desires to choose a standard design. The more artistic types might prefer a unique tattoo concept that’s one-of-a-kind. These inkings can be abstract or guide to something only the two comprehend.

Couple Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are a weird option when it comes to couple tattoos. However, there are many opportunities for the piece; for example, you could choose to have lines from a poem inked on your fingers to be read in full when you weave them together. 

Ring Finger Tattoos

The ancient Romans believed the ring finger – the fourth finger on the left hand – contained a vein directly to the heart. So they called it the vena amoris – the vein of love. It’s said that this is why wedding bands are traditionally worn there. So getting your couple tattoo on the ring finger is incredibly romantic. 

Love Tattoos

The word ‘love’ and heart symbols are some of the most famous couple tattoos. For the romantic, sentimental types, it’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve – sometimes literally. These inkings can’t be misinterpreted, and they make a simple, bold statement about what’s most important in life. 

King and Queen Tattoos

This couple tattoo symbolizes that you have distinct roles representing both masculine and feminine, but you complement each other perfectly. Getting king and queen tattoos can also be fun to show that you are ‘co-ruling’ your life together as equals and partners.

Married Couple Tattoos

They’re a great option if you don’t usually wear rings or can’t have your wedding band on at work for safety reasons. The married couple tattoo is a visual reminder of your commitment to each other with your vows – and it will last as long as your love.


A quote tattoo is a perfect idea for a matching design with your partner. You could get matching quotes or have one-half of the saying tattooed on you. It is a romantic option because the message is only complete when you’re together.

Crown Tattoos for Couples

Crowns represent both power and responsibility, which are essential for love. They also symbolize what you aspire to achieve in life. If your significant other is important to you, a crown tattoo is great to honor them. European-style crowns have eight golden arches which symbolize eternal life.

Infinity Tattoos for Couples

The infinity symbol represents eternity. It’s a never-ending loop that has no beginning and no end. So this inking also symbolizes how your love is limitless – it has no boundaries and will continue forever. 

Lock and Key

Only one person has the key to your heart. Show how much your other half has unlocked your emotions – or tell them that you’re ready to lock it down – with this meaningful body art. Lock and key tattoos show you’re truly made for each other.