Fish Tattoos: Relation with Zodiac Sign & Meaning

Fish tattoos are the most popular tattoos globally for several reasons. First, each region seems to have its meanings for their fish, and, as a great bonus, they just so transpire to look fantastic in tattoo layout.

The emblem of the fish is that of the Zodiac Pisces, the conformity of Christianity with the ichthys, tranquility in water, adaptation myths, and much more. It would help if you never assumed to know what someone’s fish tattoo represents unless it is self-evident. It also implies that if you decide to get a fish tattoo, you should know all of the meanings your design could hold and then choose the ones that make the most sense.

The fish is a mark of fertility and transformation, found ubiquitously in diverse cultures around the globe. Adaptation is one of the most generally used meanings because it is the type that many people want to do and that many people are most proud of when they can transform their dynamism.

Depending on the type of fish displayed, the mythology and history of the sign change, but the message of serenity is consistent. The fish has long been used to symbolize tranquility, so even if the specific fish you choose to get in your tattoo represents various things. It is pretty cool because it also means someone can select the fish they want to witness in tattoo form, forget about the exact meanings attached to that fish, and hold it to symbolize peace.

The Koi fish is a standard symbol in Chinese and Japanese imagery, though it has achieved popularity in other cultures worldwide. The koi fish represents determination and good luck, among many other things. It’s also a fish that arrives in diverse colors and patterns, so many people choose it over all other fish in the sea.

In Japanese, “Koi” also represents “love” and “affection,” and so is a dominant sign of these things. Most people don’t usually consider getting fish tattoos when they desire love designs, which implies a unique love symbol.

In Christianity, excluding the ichthys, the fish (and the fish tattoo) exemplify Christ’s ability to feed many with very little. It symbolizes His miracles and the goodness he performed in the world. Although the symbol is initially a pagan tribute to the goddess of the sea, it has been acclimated into the “Jesus fish,” a symbol of bounty nevertheless.

In Celtic legend, the Salmon of Knowledge is a fish who plunged into the Well of Wisdom and acquired all of the world’s wisdom. The symbol emerges as one or two fish crossed with an elaborate Celtic knot.

Matsya is a reincarnation of Vishnu in Hinduism who emerges in the form of a fish, occasionally half God with a fish bottom. The courageousness and strength of Matsya are commonly depicted with his image, battling off demons with a sword. In mythology, the wisdom and determination of the fish are highlighted as he travels a great distance through many difficult obstacles.

In Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, two connecting goldfish are among the eight auspicious emblems of these eastern religions. The fish are a good omen, signifying the ability of all beings to rise above the struggles of samara (the revolution of life) and not drown in problems. They are a sign of happiness and serenity, peaceful, flowing creatures able to drive freely through the water.

Fish tattoos are also those rare types of designs that work equally well as minimalist and realistic layouts. Scales can look outstanding when created by a sound artist, and flawless shadow work can make the fish look like it’s swimming along your skin. Likewise, a less detailed fish tattoo can look amazing in symbol form and represent everything the naturalistic fish tattoo does.