One Love Tattoo: Make your Mark

The unique thing that most individuals can agree on with the One Love tattoo is that it symbolizes love in one form or another. It could indicate that the owner of the tat has one specific attachment in their lives, or it could even represent everyone or everything they love.

It’s one of those preferred love tattoos that individuals like to obtain when they aren’t too keen on acquiring a heart or one of the other very commonly seen love tattoos.

The One Love tattoo is interesting because it can mean different things to different people. It’s also a tiny text tattoo, making it desirable for people who do not want to conceal too much of their skin with ink. On this page, we will look at some of the One Love tattoo purposes, and we’ll also go over some of the methods that you can get the text created to make it look outstanding on your skin.

One of the many explanations someone might decide to get the One Love tattoo is to celebrate Bob Marley, who had a harmony with that label. In his music, Marley was trying to inform people that loving each other made so much more meaning than the constant fighting that was going on around the globe at the time. So many people coordinated with him, so the song rocketed up the charts when it came out.

Another exciting meaning given to the One Love tattoo is “goodbye,” which is pretty cool considering there aren’t many other tats that can represent this word differently. You can add “One Love” to a memorial tattoo to show that you will “see them later” rather than saying goodbye forever. This meaning will not be evident to people unfamiliar with this alternative meaning, but that really might be good for some people.

As the One Love tattoo is a text structure, you need to develop a font to make the phrases pop on your skin. It is fun for some people, but it can be an assignment for others. A good vision is to look at some tattoos you want and find text that you believe will work well with this distinct tattoo. From there, you can complete as many tweaks as you require to make until you feel like the text is willing to be inked on your skin.

What’s remarkable about the One Love tattoo is that there are thousands of modes that you can get designed to make it your own. So even if you aren’t the most creative person globally, you should have no problem finding a style you like and implementing it in a new one with your tattoo. If you want to get a little support during the design process, most tattoo artists would be glad to help you, especially since this is an uncomplicated text tattoo, and they won’t have to spend too much time designing.

Some people will also add an illustration to their One Love tattoos. It is a complete option, though many people feel that a small picture or a symbol can deliver the text a bit more pop. You can even find a form to implement the image into the text, so it skims like one tattoo rather than two. If you are acquiring your One Love tattoo to celebrate a loved one, you can even make it perform with an image of that person above or below the words.

It comes down to how visual you enjoy it and how large you like the text to be. It’s an excellent notion to let your artist understand the spots you’re considering so they can construct some tweaks to the tattoo if required to make the composition fit.