Owl Tattoo Meaning: What Does The Tattoo Represent
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Owl tattoo meaning is rich in symbolism. People make owl tattoos in all sorts of configurations and sizes. Sure, there is something about owls that creates fascination and awe amid their observers. Throughout history, owls have been honored, revered, fretted, and acknowledged both wise and foolish. They have also been linked with witchcraft, the weather, beginning, death, and medication.

When we get a closer peek at the owl, we can adequately understand everything about the symbolism following the animal. Owls are appreciated for their large eyes and skillful sporting abilities. Their eyes are intended to see far in low light, and they hunt silently, hardly making any noise when they fly, for they have grown extra-soft plumage, which gives them “acoustic secrecy” and empowers them to creep up on their prey.

In addition, owls have a mysterious vibe, possibly because they are nocturnal and infrequently witnessed during the day. As most winged creatures do, the owl signifies freedom, but they also accomplish vision due to their strength to recognize so far at night. Contemplating the rich symbolic memoir and the colorful beauty of owl tattoos, it is no confusion that they are so popular.

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Many people prefer to get owl tattoo designs because they appreciate and love the owl’s dual analogy of darkness and wisdom. Their ability to see in the darkness signifies the idea of comprehending past illusions and deceptions. Since the owl can see what others cannot, it is the essence of true wisdom.


Since owls are nocturnal birds, they are frequently seen as being spiritual. This is reinforced by the fact that many people view the night as full of mystery. Accordingly, owls live in the magic, darkness, mystery, and early knowledge of the night. Owls are also correlated closely with the moon.

Maturity & Life Transitions 

Many societies see owls as a representation of significant life transitions, meaning essential things are on the brink of befalling. Many also consider owls are associated with divination, magic, and astral projection.

The most logical option would be to place the owl among tree branches, stars, and the moon. The owls are portrayed with other symbols. These can be a flower, a key, a clock, or anything that feels intuitively natural to the person getting the tattoo.

The owl is a beautiful and significant tattoo choice. Owl tattoos aren’t significantly mainstream, but they are recommended as men and women wear them. Often colorful and complicated, they generally portray the owl alone but may incorporate other figures and components.

Beliefs of Ancient Civilizations

The owl is the most knowledgeable of all birds because the more it sees, the less it speaks. The owl represents a part of Hindu, Egyptian, and Celtic lore and mythicisms. These cultures considered that the owl was the advocate and guardian of the dead and thought it could interact with the departed. The Romans felt that an owl hooting atop a federal building predicted the loss of an influential public figure. The owl is generally called the “angel of death” and was assumed to lead or conduct recently departed souls to the underworld. For old Greeks, the owl was ordained to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. The owl was too representative to Native Americans, who believed it was the guardian of religious knowledge. Some think if you notice an owl in your dreams, it means that you are nearing death.

Whether you choose the owl for representational purposes or decorative art, it is still essential to know it symbolizes.

Wisdom           Stealth             Freedom          Vision                         Knowledge      Transition

The Hunt         Afterlife          Messenger       Independence             Experience      Mystery

Secrets             Protection        Intelligence     Intuition                      Supernatural    Death