Sunflower Tattoo Meaning: Floral Patterns & Symbol of The Sun
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Sunflower in tattoo artwork is used both in floral patterns and as a symbol of the sun, accordingly with its name made up of sun & flower. It is a flower cherished by many for its vivid colour and easily identifiable shape. It is famous for distinguishing the ability to trail the sun aiming towards the sun rays all day long. It is also termed “the happy flower” and is rated the most positive symbol amongst the florets. It’s a radiant yellow to reddish petals in a round circular shape that echoes the sun; thus, it is usually correlated with warmth, comfort, and hope.

As a stunning flower, its nature is unique, and the symbolism is excellent what made them one of the most widespread choices for designs. They have an attractive feature and an aesthetic sense of their own. In addition, they have deep meaning, and they are pleasant to the eye, which provides people and tattoo designers the motivation for many diverse ideas.

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The sunflower has been linked with the sun since ancient chronologies. An early Greek myth is about a water nymph christened Clytie, who was in love with Helios, the Greek God of Sun. The chief natural sunflower was mentioned in Mexico back in the Inca Empire in pre-Columbian America (1438-1533). They maintained that their God is Sun, so they celebrated the flower that resembled precisely like the sun. According to them, the sunflower was symbolizing God.

During the 16th century, the sunflower was introduced to Europe and different parts of the world. In Eastern cultures, it was eternally related to good health, strength, joy, and luck.

The Native Americans, following were also worshippers of the sunflowers. To them, the sunflower symbolized an exceptional and plentiful harvest. They considered the sunflower was what they required for a good crop. They correlated it to energy and fertility after the sunflower had a strong relationship with the sun.

The yellow colour symbolizes intelligence and self-awareness, optimism and positivity, and energy and endurance in China. In addition, the sunflower signifies good luck and longevity. Furthermore, its vibrant yellow colour is closely related to chakra therapy or colour healing cure (a non-invasive holistic approach).

The yellow colour of the sunflower is compared to the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, about the strengths of intelligence and self-awareness of an individual being.

For Esoteric Christianity, it is a representation of spiritual love and a sign of holy attainment. Furthermore, it is a symbol of a dependable and devoted person among the Dutch people. Finally, in Christianity, the sunflower symbolizes God or God’s affection for his livings.

With a modern interpretation, sunflowers represent gratitude and eternal devotion. A pair of sunflowers displays a representation of two beloved ones, so it is seldom the excellent alternative for couples in passion, suggesting that the tattoo shall make their love throughout all their lives. In addition, the sunflowers are reborn each year, which signifies new beginnings, new seasons of success, and reaching goals both in career and individual life, ending in a much more peaceful life.

Modern tattoo art nowadays, the depicted sunflower on the body, usually holds for some of the symbolism stated above and more: happiness, warmth, durability, endurance, religion, remembrance, trustworthiness, gratitude, attractiveness, intelligence, and charm, and womanhood.

Sunflowers make impressive tattoo designs, as single flower ideas with or without alterations and added details or a giant flower or other patterns component. As a tattoo design, the sunflower is adored chiefly among women. However, it can be developed and also suited for men. It is said that people that want to carve a sunflower tattoo on their body usually give legitimacy to it.