45 Hilarious Tattoo Fails to Show You What Not to Get

Tattoo fails are not new but very common and very hilarious, you can’t just pick any tattoo artist and plan to get a tattoo. If I went into a tattoo studio, I always ask for a video demo or a previous tattoo done by you and if possible, you can contact the last tattoo wearer […]

50 Scintillating Chest Tattoos For Men

Chest tattoos for men are one of the most popular idea for having a your body getting inked. The larger your chest is the more beautiful the tattoo will be. You have the extra space to doing art, when its your chest.

55 Tattoos for Men That Will Make You Extremely Awesome

Tattoos for men are very popular, as a male myself, I can understand the emotion of getting a tattoo on your skin for rest of your life. A common mistake people make while searching for tattoo for men is that they don’t see if the tattoo is meant for a women or men. I personally […]

55 Sun Tattoos That Brings Wisdom and Strength

Sun tattoos are meaningful to many, due to the fact that it’s our primary source of energy and life. Many cultures around the world have religious and symbolic meaning attached to it, and this is the reason sun tattoos are very popular.

50 Awesome Tattoo Designs for Tattoos Love

Awesome tattoos are not similar to the common tattoos, these are way more cool. This is the real display of youth, vibrant generation and lifestyle. To get the awesome status, you only need to find one awesome tattoo that can work for you.