Butterfly Tattoo Meaning: Cultures & their Beliefs
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Butterfly tattoos can symbolize metamorphosis during a lifetime. Butterfly tattoos represent a significant change and development in someone’s life. Many cultures believe butterflies signify good luck.

Let’s check out what symbolism butterfly tattoos create:

1. Blue Butterfly Tattoo 

The blue butterfly tattoo is the most popular tattoo style, and it’s no surprise because it’s a genuine luck charm. Blue butterflies are recognized to bring good luck as well as pure bliss.

2. White Butterfly Tattoo 

White often means purity and purity of Jesus Christ in a Christian tattoo. It refers to the righteousness that was renewed with his resurrection.

3. Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

The yellow butterfly tattoo reflects happiness and joy in Chinese. Among the Scottish and the Irish, seeing a yellow butterfly land on someone’s grave implies they are at peace, and their soul has moved on to a more significant place.

4. Red Butterfly Tattoo 

Red butterflies are considered a good omen and even a symbol of fear. Native American tribes believe it to be great luck that is coming your way. It also means love and passion. In some cases, it represents anger and danger. They are considered to be witches in disguise in Scotland!

5. Pink Butterfly Tattoo 

Pink butterfly tattoos symbolize love and compassion.

6. Black Butterfly Tattoo 

Black butterflies are packed full of symbolism. It can represent anything from death to the souls of past loved ones. A black butterfly can symbolize age, death, and loss are a part of life.

7. Purple Butterfly Tattoo

The purple butterfly tattoo symbolizes any illness that someone wouldn’t know you had at first glance, but that has detrimental effects on that person’s life. But, on the other hand, it means strength to push through illness. That is why it is used in hospitals to show resiliency.

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Different Butterfly with Meanings

1. Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Their beauty defines monarch butterflies; a feminine tattoo, the monarch butterfly tattoo elicits the loveliness of women and their attraction and charm. A typical tattoo style, it also has a spiritual meaning. Many believe that butterflies are spirits visiting from heaven. So viewing a monarch butterfly could mean an angle is calling you from a celestial realm to give you support and protection.

2. Celtic Butterfly Tattoo

Metamorphosis symbolizes the change in being: the caterpillar transforms into a new body during metamorphosis.

3. American Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

American traditional tattoo designs meaning is winning something fabulous. It depicts how an event changed who you are today.

4. Skull with Butterfly Tattoo

The skull symbolizes death, among other related purposes. Thus, the tattoo represents the fate of one’s struggle with mortality and a perfect way to describe life as a fleeting journey.

5. Rose & Butterfly Tattoo

They both symbolize femininity and do represent beauty, attraction, and love.

6. Blue Morpho Butterfly Tattoo 

The duality of the blue morpho means good luck is coming to you or is can symbolize evil spirits. Choose your meaning wisely.

7. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo 

Semicolon emphasized the butterfly tattoo, meaning losing someone you love isn’t the end but only the beginning of their soul’s adventure.

8. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo 

Tribal butterfly tattoos symbolize that transition as life moves forward. A life-changing experience in your life can be represented by it.

9. Half Flower Half Butterfly Tattoo 

When the flower and butterfly are combined, it symbolizes beauty and shows that you are one with nature.

10. Infinity Butterfly Tattoo 

The infinity sign can be said to signify the soul’s immortality and transformation in life. The tattoo symbolizes metamorphosis into a new being or way of life.

Final Thoughts

The butterfly tattoo is a traditional tattoo idea for its aesthetic beauty and what it symbolizes. However, there is a dark side to butterflies as spiritual omens of death and misfortune. Butterflies are designed as tattoos to show the happy aspects of their meanings: joy, vitality, new beginnings, and good luck.