Tattoos Icons

Tattoos have always been in vogue. Some people like them to be a full-fledged affair, while some are content with just a small figure or word inked on their bodies.

Elegant Indian Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Indian tattoos are nothing like all those different foreign tattoo ideas from the East. Today, India stands at a place where tattoo lovers are getting high in number in every state and even in small cities and villages. To appreciate and lend those tattoo lovers a bit of support we have brought this post showing […]

Tattoo Designs For A Loved One

Nowadays different types of tattoos are popular among the youth. Name tattoos are one of the common and classic examples of tattoos. There is a wide range of name tattoos online available which is amazing and equally fascinating.

Matching Tattoos for Lovers

Nowadays matching tattoos are very much in a trend which show love and dedication of couples. These tattoos are not only cute but also romantic in design reflecting two souls connected to each-other.

Wedding Ring Tattoo: Best Creative Option For A Couple

Nowadays ring tattoos are very popular amongst couples. Moreover, wedding ring tattoos are an appealing sign for amazing couples. These tattoos are available with the signs of king & queen of hearts, name initials, wedding date, Mr. & Mrs. Celtic knots, lock & key etc.

Popular Stylish Viking Tattoos

Tattooing is one of the art forms which are poorly preserved in our historical record. Due to a fragile characteristic of the skin, it rarely survives in a burial that is why we never become able to get the confirmation of patterns or designs.

37 Love Tattoos That Showcase Eternal Love

Love tattoos is the only answer when you have question – if love is in the air then as we breath air then Love should be in our body. The famous trend of love tattoos is becoming popular. Now you don’t have an option of hiding your love, instead you should be bold enough to […]