50 Jesus Tattoos for the Faith, Love, Sacrifices and Strength

Jesus tattoos are for those people that believe in God. Not only these tattoos are fairly popular but people like to get their body parts inked with Jesus tattoos. Most of the common body parts for a Jesus tattoo are back, arms, chest and even fingers, so you have lots of options.

50 Half Sleeve Tattoos For Passionate People

Half Sleeve Tattoos are one of the most popular and trending tattoo ideas for men and women. I am sure many people chooses a design before selecting a body part for it. Picking up a spot before the design can make it hard, but I am not saying that it cannot be done. Therefore we […]

45 Galaxy Tattoos For Out of World Experience

For many people outer space or galaxy tattoos is the real deal. They love the nebulas, dark moons, red and fiery milky way, stars and the sun all of them can amaze anybody whos on earth.

55 Flower Tattoos Representing Love and Beauty

Flower tattoos look refreshing and lovely all the time. They are beautiful and if your tattoo gets your personality shown the fragrance of love can be sniffed. Today on TattooLuv, we would want to take you to the best collection of flower tattoos we have ever encountered with. 

50 Cover Up Tattoos That Will Stun You Instantly

Cover up tattoos are associated with people that are living with a tattoo regret. Very few people actually have courage for getting a cover up tattoo. Of course it can help you get rid of the regret but still its hard to decide and actually go to a tattoo shop down the road.

55 Beautiful Eye Tattoo Examples That Will Make You Surprised

Eye tattoos look glories on days and nights, it gives you another eye literally. Who doesn’t like to have a third eye on his forehead. Indian god Shiva is said to have the third on forehead and slowly but surely western world has taken a step further with taking eye tattoos to the next level.

45 Fierce Dragon Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Dragon Tattoos represent the fierce animal who can fly and breathe fire within, its mythical yet it’s magical. The power of a dragon tattoo can be seen from far far away and hence these tattoo ideas show the amazing nature of people.

55 Adorable Couple Tattoos Showcasing Infinite Love

Couple tattoos are risky, if your relationship shakes or breaks the tattoo will be a constant reminder of him or her. Either you will eventually use a tattoo removal process or you will want to hide it. But these tattoos are adorable.

55 Hottest Cross Tattoo Ideas and Creative Designs

Cross tattoo designs are those little gem of religious tattoos that people love to have on their skin. People from all religions prefer such tattoos as it’s not confined to people who follow Christ. And of course if you want to show your religious belief in Christ then cross tattoos are one of best ways […]

45 Tattoos Behind Ear for Endless Beauty and Cuteness

Tattoos behind ear are quite a popular choice among girls as it is small in size and people easily relate to them. Due to their small size, many people hesitate less as large tattoos are painful and if gone bad, you have to be with it for a long time.