Wedding Ring Tattoo: Best Creative Option For A Couple

Nowadays ring tattoos are very popular amongst couples. Moreover, wedding ring tattoos are an appealing sign for amazing couples. These tattoos are available with the signs of king & queen of hearts, name initials, wedding date, Mr. & Mrs. Celtic knots, lock & key etc.

Get a Beautiful Look With A Stylish Peacock Tattoos

Peacock tattoos are the big tattoo pieces with a beautifully colorful tail. Mostly these tattoos are applied by women, however, few male also prefer to apply this tattoo. It carries lots of meaning which depends on civilizations and beliefs of the people. It is an amazing idea to plan this gorgeous bird inked forever.

More than 50 Thigh Tattoos with Unique Modern Touch

Things tattoos for girls are quite sexy in nature, they are appealing and attractive and have the extra x-factor attached to them. Thighs are a popular place to have tattoo for women as they can hide it anytime they want and they can show it anytime they wish.

50 Vivacious Lower Back Tattoos for Women

Lower Back Tattoos for Women are not new nor they are hidden, they are in fact quite a bit visible plus they have that stimulating factor attached to them. Women of all ages want tattoos in almost every part of the body, but lower back tattoos are something different.