Semicolon Tattoo: Designs, Meanings, and Illustrations
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The Semicolon Tattoo is an empowering symbol of a person’s potential to write their original story and overcome struggles. The beauty of this tattoo is its regularity; it can be blended with many other designs to embellish its ideas of strength and rebirth.

In a learned sense, the semicolon expresses a decision by an author to maintain a sentence rather than dropping it. In life, it indicates a choice to keep going rather than halt, which is especially poignant for people battling suicidal feelings, self-harm, and depression. It’s also the representative for Project Semicolon, a not-for-profit organization that accommodates supporting and providing hope and love to people with mental illness and depression.

There’s nothing cliche about a representation that brings hope and labours as a reminder that you can embrace life. Superficial appearances can be compelling and uniting. The more attention, the more communications can be open and honest, and the disgrace attached to mental illness can be waived.

The significance behind a semicolon makes it a particularly unique and vulnerable opportunity to get a tattoo. If you’re struggling, it can assist as a reminder that recommencing is a choice worth making. It is an empowering representative of a person’s capacity to write their own story and overcome difficulties. You can also use it to confer your allowance for others battling mental health problems.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Because they change from a caterpillar into a beautiful winged insect, butterflies often symbolize transformation when it comes to tattoos. They are also flying creatures, which implies they are a symbol of freedom. In Christianity, a butterfly also signifies resurrection. For these reasons, many survivors choose to blend it with a semicolon to prove their evolution. They were already in a discouraged and suicidal nature and have now come following consciousness.

Semicolon Heart Tattoo

A tiny and delicate tattoo, the semicolon heart pattern has a poignant message. Hearts are a well-known symbol of love. When consolidated with the semicolon, this piece of body art emphasizes the wearer to love themselves. It can symbolize how love protected them from the most critical time in their life – and therefore as a recognition to their romantic partner or family and friends. It’s a favourite tattoo choice for women and is commonly placed on the wrist so that the wearer can observe it every day.

Semicolon Cross Tattoo

Christian survivors of depression, suicide, and mental illness often prefer to work the symbol of the hybrid into their semicolon tattoo. The cross symbolizes the loss of Jesus Christ and warns his followers that they have been saved from sin. When combined with the semicolon, it often determines how their religion healed them and encouraged them through dark consequences. It is a level to reaffirm a Christian’s faith in God and suggests that they are never alone. It’s also a great supplement to a religious sleeve tattoo.

Cat Semicolon Tattoo

One of the cuter versions of the semicolon tattoo is to blend it with a cat. It’s a tribute to a beloved pet. Their furry companion was by their side in a time of necessity. However, cats also have symbolic implications beyond many cultures. In Celtic and Japanese mythology, they were supposed guardians of the underworld. They can also symbolize luck, independence, mystery, transformation and a wandering spirit. For these reasons, cats are often attached with a semicolon tattoo.

Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

Another nature-inspired ingredient to add to a semicolon tattoo is the dragonfly. Its creation is a very positive symbol; it’s all about embracing diversity and finding joy, inner strength, and bravery. Those who have jumped back from a suicidal episode and have now won peace could reflect a dragonfly semicolon tattoo. It is an accomplished tattoo design, as it marks uniformly fabulous large as it does petty.

Semicolon Birds Tattoo

One of the most classic tattoo ideas is a bird. That is because birds realize total freedom as they can swim, walk and fly. Birds also have a spiritual significance, with some cultures acknowledging them as messengers between heaven and Earth. That’s why many souls think of them as the perfect extension to a semicolon tattoo, registering that the wearer is free from their problems. Also, specific birds convey different meanings: doves symbolize hope, while swallows signify safety and guide fallen souls. The phoenix symbolizes resurrection and ‘rising from the ashes. Any of the birds would be a poignant aggregate with a semicolon tattoo.

Wrist Tattoo

While a semicolon tattoo is suggestive enough to be placed anywhere, many people opt to own it inked on their wrist. There are various reasons for this decision. The wrist is a component of the body that’s simple to see, so the wearer can forever look at their tattoo and gain strength. Another idea is that the tattoo seals and over-writes marks on the wrist or forearm. The inking befits to be a powerful reminder that the wearer has defeated self-harm.

Tattoo on the Finger

As the semicolon tattoo has such an emotional significance, the wearer might favour keeping it low-key. Luckily, fingers are a prominent position for a tiny and petite inking. You can hide the semicolon by inking it on the side of your Finger. However, it is easy for you to see it if you want to. Fingers are also considered the ideal placement for tattoos of commitment and the things we are most passionate about.

Tattoo Behind the Ear

Getting tattooed on the back of the ear is a rising inclination. That’s because it’s a unique and trustworthy place to put body art. You can effortlessly show off or disguise the inking just by transferring your hair. Because the area underdeveloped your ear is small, it’s ideal for a complex design like a semicolon. Nevertheless, it is also one of the several painful sites to have a tattoo inked. The semicolon pattern is also an excellent choice for this placement because it’s quick to draw.

Watercolour Semicolon Tattoo

The watercolour tattoo technique is beautiful. It mimics the appearance of watercolour painting, which applies water to dilute out pigment instead of oil. The outcome is a soft gradient of ink that seems like it is still moist on the skin. The freeform, fluid, and colourful coating of a watercolour tattoo considerably contrast with a clear black-ink semicolon. Those tattoos are perfect for free spirits and those favouring a more non-traditional look.