Triangle Tattoo Meaning: Dating Back to Ancient Civilizations
Triangle Tattoo tattoosluv

Getting a triangle tattoo will have a lot of significance to yourself and everyone who observes it on your skin. Here are some of the numerous common triangle tattoos and their faith.

The Valknut: The Three Triangle Symbol

Three triangles interlocked together to form the valknut, an Old Norse word that roughly transposes to the “knot of slain warriors.” The title, however, is modern, as archaeologists don’t know what ancient Germanic tribes called this symbol or why they were etched or marked on artefacts. Therefore, the valknut is used in contemporary cultures that look towards Germanic paganism and Heathenry. If you are a devotee or a supporter of this lifestyle, this triangle symbol would be a good alternative for your tattoo design. However, because this symbol is so antiquated, the valknut has more significance than just mythology. Because of its relevance to Odin and its appearance in burial gifts, the symbol may be linked to death in early civilizations.

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The Blade: The Masculine Triangle

Triangles are used to symbolize both the male and female sexes. If the triangle is faced upwards, it is the male symbol, also recognized as the “blade.” It symbolizes male force, aspiration, fire, dominance, and male principles. The blade is also a male sex symbol, defined by the upwards triangle pointing to the upper-right corner. This symbol is linked to Mars, the Roman god of war is recognized for his masculinity, strength, and skills that men

are expected to be.

The Chalice: The Feminine Triangle 

The female symbol is acknowledged as the “chalice,” which is an inverted triangle pointing downwards. While the blade is a phallic symbol of masculinity, the chalice symbolizes the womb and a softer image of women. It is the most magnificent symbol of feminine divinity as well as the genitalia of a goddess. Women are assumed to be peaceful, hospitable, beautiful, and caring. The downwards triangle has also inspired what enhanced the feminine sex symbol. This symbol faces downwards and has a chalice at the foot of the circle.

The Religious Triangles

Old religions and civilizations have used triangles to express their religious views. For instance, in Christianity, the triangle signifies the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is also appropriate in other myths

like in Egypt (Osiris-Isis-Horus) and the Greek (Zeus-Poseidon-Hades) or Roman (Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto). The Triforce consists of three triangles. It has Triforce of Power at the top, Triforce of Courage at the right, and Triforce of Wisdom on the left. Gamers who get this tattoo use it because of their love for the Legend of Zelda games and what the Triforce signifies. In the sport, someone with all three Triforces formulates perfect balance and providence.

A Simple Triangle

A simple triangle cut on your skin can have a lot of suggestions. For starters, it is compared to the number three, which, in many cultures, represents balance and true wisdom. It can symbolize time, and getting a triangle tattoo

means that you are the outcome of your past, present, and future. A triangle can serve three traits or elements you love. It can signify three things you fancy. If you have three siblings, three best buddies, or three pets, a triangle is a homely but touching way to honour them. If you need a memento mori, a triangle can also express the three stages of life: childhood, adulthood, and death.

A triangle can also mean that you have or are currently aiming to reach your highest point in life. There is a wide range of triangles. They are equilateral, isosceles, scalene, acute, obtuse, or right – and symbols representing anything. So, if you want to keep a secret meaning behind your tattoo, a simple triangle has so many implications that it’s easy to maintain its true sense to yourself.