Eye Tattoo Meaning: Symbolization and Significance
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You even own a few tattoo designs in spirit, but you want to understand what a tattoo of an eye means? Of course, you love the intimacy and the mystery of it, but the desire to ensure that you are inking onto your body in a relatively permanent form is a message you are down with.

The symbolic eye has been accepted in cultures for centuries, from early Egyptians to the Christian tradition. Maybe you think it will make your protection, omniscience, accuracy, or perhaps you think it seems super sexy. Whatever your underlying purposes, you can be sure somebody will become nosy and request what your tattoo signifies.

If you’re a rebel who lights her way, make up your legend behind the meaning of your new tattoo, or if you are a lady who appreciates the honorable facts, stick with the original purpose. Either way, ensure to read this lowdown on the historic relationship behind the various designs. But, of course, educated women understand the best tales.

The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus, seldom called The Eye of Ra, is most often described as a stylized human eye, with markings found on a falcon. The myth following the design varies imperceptibly but constantly rotates around Horus, the sky god, whose right eye was the sun and left eye was the moon. It sets out his backstabbing brother tore out his moon eye. Through a struggle, Horus’ eye was made whole repeatedly and given to his dead father to take him back to life because your Eye of Horus tattoo signifies protection, healing, on occasion, vindictive wrath. On an amusing side note, the ancient Egyptians used the guides in this symbol as numerical fractions. So this may be a fantastic tattoo for those of us who need strength in math class. Bonus points if you perceive a cute Eye of Horus pointer tattoo.

The Third Eye

Your third eye is connected with enlightenment, inspiration, inner wisdom, clairvoyance, and—for all you yoginis—the sixth chakra. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Indian cultures feature the third eye as a dot amid the brow. But that doesn’t suggest you require to sport a forehead tattoo to direct the essence of this symbol. Instead, get artistic and compose your tattoo of an eye to symbolize your inner brilliance.

The Eye of Providence

The Eye of Providence is also acknowledged as the Eye of God. The Eye of Providence is a genuine human eye, often depicted within a triangle and encircled by rays of sunlight. The Eye of Providence has a long relationship with Christianity and was chosen in 1872 by the nation’s patrons to grace the rear of the Great Seal of the U.S. This design features the Eye of Providence floating above a 13 level pyramid representing the original 13 states in the U.S. organization. This project would be immortalized in strip clubs while the Great Seal was placed on the rear of the U.S. $1 bill in 1935.

Evil Eye Talisman

It’s not just your cool office, mate. People have been providing the evil eye since age immemorial. For centenaries, people have worked talismans to ward off the evil eye and its associated evils. Evil eye tattoos may match a Turkish Nazar—an eye composed of blue and white concentric circles, or a Hamsa—a stylized look in the palm of a hand. These evil eye symbols are thought to show the lousy juju back to those who granted it. These symbols are discovered in Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions, but the emblem is not specifically religious. Significances can include safety, perseverance, loyalty, faith, determination. So besides being made of beautiful colours or attractive, swirling designs, you’ll always be packing protection, even in your birthday suit.


Any tattoo of an eye will uniquely create something beautiful with your tattoo artist and let the world see who you are.