Finger Tattoos


Finger tattoos are becoming more and more trendy these days, especially to art lovers. With the popularity of pop-cultural icons and celebrities sporting finger tattoos, there has been tremendous popularity for these tattoos among folk as well. Finger tattoos or tattoos on the finger are a tiny piece of art that is highly versatile, which are a fun and unusual form of self-expression. It can be placed on top of the finger or in between two fingers to serve a little bit of quirk to your personality.

Finger Tattoos can cater to the wish of both men and women. Men can choose some masculine designs like animals (tiger, horse), mustaches and skull, women can pick delicate ones like a rose flower, the diamond and butterfly.

There are several types of finger tattoos like 

  • Animal Tattoo 
  • Symbol Tattoo
  • Lines and Patterns Tattoo
  • Alphabet Tattoo
  • Heart Tattoo
  • Natural objects
  • Musical Tattoo
  • Mustache Tattoo
  • Skull Tattoo

Some tattoos like wedding ring finger tattoo, feather finger tattoo, zodiac sign tattoo, one-word tattoo are prevalent and significant.

Ideal Placement of Finger Tattoos

These types of tattoos usually hurt because digits of fingers are filled with nerves, plus the skin is right on top of the knuckle and the bone. There the amount of fat is zero, even the muscle is very soft which cause pain while touched by a needle

They hurt more as compared to any other location of the body. But one of the coolest thing about finger tattoos is people make it as a sign of love, commitment, symbolic meaning, or any other hidden messages.

Preparation and Maintenance Tips for Finger Tattoos

  • Always keep hands clean and dry before getting the finger tattoos.
  • If exfoliation is too much, tattoo ink will eventually leave the area, and it will fade.
  • Too much moisture can push the ink out during the healing process.
  • Touch up of finger tattoos are more often than regular symbols, especially for tattoo running from the bottom of the finger, somewhere near the knuckle.
  • Simple designs will work better for finger tattoos because the area is small and delicate as well
  • Pay attention to hands when washing dishes or using soap and while putting hands in the pockets.

Aftercare Advice

  • Gently wash the tattoo after a few hours.
  • Apply a thin layer of non-scented moisturizing cream.
  • Keep the tattoo dry and clean.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Be patient with the healing time.
  • Do not itch, it may flake the skin slightly.
  • Go back to the studio for touch-ups, if needed.

Disadvantages of Finger Tattoos

  • They take a longer time to heal; that is the reason you may regret having got a finger tattoo.
  • The pain is excruciating, it takes a strong heart to get a finger tattoo.
  • The tattoo fades quickly because hands are in constant daily use and also the skin of fingers is thin as well as tender.
  • Finger tattoos are not for a perfectionist as complicated designs cannot be made here easily.
  • These tattoos are difficult to maintain and requires commitment.
  • The removal process is tricky. It is complicated, time consuming and painful.
  • It can be a bit costly as it requires regular touch up.
  • They are not suitable for some professions.
  • As space is limited and quite small, it can be problematic tattooing fingers.
  • They awake curiosity with people to continue asking questions about the tattoo. 

 Advantages of Finger Tattoos

  • Finger tattoos are aesthetically pleasing and cute. It looks beautiful as they are small and gorgeous.
  • They are simple. People won’t have to spend much time waiting for intricate designs to be done.
  • It can be the basis of conversations with lots of people who are curious about its design and meaning behind it.
  • They can be personalized or depict a more profound meaning like a ring or some particular date.
  • Finger tattoos are known to be delicate and can easily be fade. However, with proper care, it can last lifelong.
  • There are various designs available, ranging from lines, patterns, alphabets, musicals and heart, just to mention few.
  • They are perfect for first-timers, small, reasonable and can be hidden if a person is still not sure. 

Final Words

A finger tattoo is very sexy, sweet, not to mention a nice twist on expressing one’s own self. However, it may present many challenges for the wearer. Unlike other tattoos on the body, the images need to be clean, crisp and tiny. Versatility is the one factor which makes these tattoos worth trying at least once. These tattoos are loved by people of all ages, regardless of their genders.

06. Done by Amber Winter at Body of Art Tattoo in Dayton, KY.

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05. The Squidstine Chapel & my first tattoo by Brian Harris Phoenix Tattoo, Raleigh NC

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04. Posted byu/cbjohnson73 19 hours ago Wife and I got ring tattoos by Jessie at Big Daddy’s, Etown, KY

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03. Any of you guys in the San Diego area gotta come to Third Ave Tattoo in Chula Vista to check out my boy Angel. Does fantastic work. Love all my little pieces.

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02. Starry Night, Joseph Mele, Into the Woods Tattoo Stuart FL

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  1. My new knuckle jammers, thanks to Sailor Jesse from Dark Horse Tattoo in Gilbert, AZ – tattooed at Hell City Tattoo Festival.
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