Tattoo Ideas with Designs & Interpretations of Meanings
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Tattoo Ideas are on-trend, but you desire them to either have a special meaning or be creative. It can be hard deciding what to get. After all, it’s maintaining to be there for the rest of the life (unless you get it lasered). Therefore, placement is also a significant consideration. To help you out, we’ve set together with the best tattoo designs for women, including advice to guide you through the process.

1. Butterfly Tattoo have been popular for decades and are unique to the wearer as it represents transformation, resilience, hope, and even love.

2. Dragon Tattoo makes a powerful statement that symbolizes wisdom, fearlessness, and protection with passion or mystery.

3. Lion Tattoo is considered the symbol associated with courage, bravery, royalty, and wisdom. The lion is regarded as the chief of the jungle who is both well respected and feared. Choosing it to combine elements, like flowers and shapes, create a unique and more feminine finish.

4. Semicolon Tattoo has become a symbol for those suffering from mental health and depression and reminds the wearer that their story is not over yet. It serves as a cyclic reminder of the obstacles that the individual has overcome and how they can deal with them in the future.

5. Wolf Tattoo represents love and loyalty. The beautiful animals live in packs, and their strength and survival depend on their numbers. Therefore it symbolizes family, with power in unity.

6. Elephant Tattoo represents majesty, power, and prosperity. Popular belief “an elephant never forgets” symbolizes wisdom. You can choose a large, intricate design to work in a variety of sizes.

7. Scorpion Tattoo is a more edgy tattoo as the creature is considered dangerous because of its ability to inflict pain, and the symbol serves as a warning. The design depicts incredible power, strength, and intimidation.

8. Snake Tattoo represents an evil creature from the Christian Bible story of Adam and Eve. It means a mythical and powerful animal. Japanese version represents strength, protection, and luck. They can symbolize danger or fertility.

9. Heart Tattoo is a universally recognized symbol across all cultures and holds deep meaning for the wearer, including love, loss, and heartbreak. Red ink can honor friendship and love, while black symbolizes sorrow.

10. Skull Tattoos are intricate and take time and skill to complete. The meanings depend on the design and have remained a popular choice of ink for decades. For a feminine one, consider bold colors or floral details.

11. Water Color Tattoo is relatively new. However, it is quickly gaining popularity, and the technique creates a finish that looks as though someone has expertly painted a masterpiece onto your skin, creating a bold, vibrant finish.

12. Angel tattoos symbolize sorrow and warn about danger, or they could be uplifting and encouraging, like an angel design. Angels are incorporated with heaven and are seen as pure beings, determined to protect all that is good and sacred.

13. Compass Tattoo for a passionate traveler and want a design that inspires direction, inked their skin with images to help them navigate while at sea, and represent guidance and protection.

14. Sun Tattoo represents a source of light and energy. It means the truth or serves as a symbol of hope to overcome a dark period in their lives. It allows the wearer to customize ink to suit their personal preference.

15. Clock Tattoo represents time, a precious commodity, and the balance between life and death. Individuals can tailor the ink to make it novel and personal.

16. Crown Tattoo symbolizes victory, self-control, and authority and is incredibly versatile. They operate well as slim designs and outlines, which can be inked onto the wrist and more prominent, more detailed pieces on the forearm or thigh.

17. Dream Catcher Tattoo is a symbol of protection, hung to guard against evil thoughts. It is a way of filtering out the negative experiences to focus on the good. It is originally a hand-woven product that replicates a spider’s web, has roots in Native American culture.

18. Eye Tattoo symbolizes something that is all-seeing. It can represent God watching over you and can be interpreted as a symbol of guidance or protection.

19. Bird Tattoos are beautiful winged creatures symbolizing freedom and independence. A raven represents death, while a goldfinch or canary is associated with happiness.

20. Henna Tattoo is created using a plant-based dye including orange, brown, red, and blue-black. Henna is popular at Indian weddings or festivals, known as mehndi, which is also traditional in Morocco and Egypt.

21. Unique Tattoos have unique and exciting designs. It is a variety of tattoo which is probably unique to you or may even be a conversation starter.

22. Cute Little Tattoos are small specialized designs and can quickly get something rather detailed and cuter. Tiny dainty tattoos are always a good idea that is not too bold and noticeable.

23. Small tattoos are generally kept quite conservative and straightforward. It takes less than ten to twenty minutes to get it done, depending on the style.

24. Cross Tattoos can be as easy as two lines or two words in cursive, converging. If you want to get more creative, you could add something encircled around it, such as a flower design. They’re a great choice if you have a religious background, and it gives you the option of intertwining two ideas into one plan.

25. Simple Tattoos can be a heart, a moon, the sun, or the basic outline of a flower or animal. They’re a great choice as they can be quickly stenciled up.

26. Flower Tattoos are trendy for women, especially wildflowers. There are different types of flowers to choose from the outline of lavender to a water lily sitting on a pad.

27. Hand Tattoos represent love, peace, and promises are usually just an outline, but you can make them as bold and detailed you like.

28. Lettering Tattoos are famous quotes that you love or a saying that really resonates with you and usually look rather delicate depending on font style.


The advantage of body art is that there are so many distinctive designs and interpretations of their applications. You can modify forms and pick styles, making your tattoo unique to you. That said, some of the most prominent symbols for women to get inked include a rose, dragons, butterfly, wings, flowers, and feathers.