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Scorpio Tattoos

06. Newest one from Carlos Perez at Magic eye tattoo, Philadelphia 05. Kraken. Done by Zeta at Authentink. Surry Hills, Sydney. 04. Jackalope by Lisa

Cat Tattoos

01. A lucky cat (my first tattoo) done by Lindsay Hall at Unkindness art in Richmond, VA

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

02. FFT Ultima background by Dustin at Zen Body Art in South Houston. 01. Step 1 of my Ta Moko. Simon Te Whereo, Toi Hauāuru

Fish Tattoos

09. Done by Neal Warren Chambers at Tatu Tattoo in Chicago, IL. 08. Whale Shark by Kinsey at Prana Art Collective in Rome, Georgia, US.

Fore Arm Tattoos

361. First tattoo (watercolor Enso) by Daniel @ Ocean Blue Tattoo in Mpls, MN 360. An Oni between two roses not finished yet, done by

Tattoos Icons

Tattoos have always been in vogue. Some people like them to be a full-fledged affair, while some are content with just a small figure or

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Alex McCandless


Kayleigh Jennings


Dwayne Richards


Chris Baker

Tattoos Luv

We love all thing tattoos, the way it express you is unimaginable and we support whatever you draw on your own canvas, see tattoo ideas from all over the world.