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Scorpio Tattoos

18 . Jasmine done by Theodoro from Inkorpore, Bauru – Brazil. Right elbow ditch! 17. Turquoise Scorpion by Mikey Saratt at 1912 Tattoo Studio in

Cat Tattoos

21. Tribute to my 20 year old cat by Lukas at Iron brush tattoo in Lincoln Nebraska 20. Cosmonaut Cat done by Matt Decker at

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

12. Orchids by Luis Cruz at Silversnake Tattoo in Guadalajara, Mexico (in progress, 1st of 2 sessions) 11. Fixed by Nick McNulty at Masterwork Tattoo

Blackberries Tattoos

03. Some blueberries by Eros at Belladonna Tattoo in Athens, GA 02. I love Montana, I love huckleberries. So, I got it tattooed! By Matt

Fish Tattoos

24. Three Goldfish by Tony Wayne, Imperial Tattoo Company—Sugarland, TX, USA 23. Tui & La, Last Airbender inspired. Done by David Torres, at 10 Thousand

Tattoos Luv

We love all thing tattoos, the way it express you is unimaginable and we support whatever you draw on your own canvas, see tattoo ideas from all over the world.