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Fore Arm Tattoos

322. First tattoo (watercolor Enso) by Daniel @ Ocean Blue Tattoo in Mpls, MN 321. An Oni between two roses not finished yet, done by

Tattoos Icons

Tattoos have always been in vogue. Some people like them to be a full-fledged affair, while some are content with just a small figure or

Tattoo Designs For A Loved One

Nowadays different types of tattoos are popular among the youth. Name tattoos are one of the common and classic examples of tattoos. There is a

Matching Tattoos for Lovers

Nowadays matching tattoos are very much in a trend which show love and dedication of couples. These tattoos are not only cute but also romantic

Popular Stylish Viking Tattoos

Tattooing is one of the art forms which are poorly preserved in our historical record. Due to a fragile characteristic of the skin, it rarely

Tattoos Luv

We love all thing tattoos, the way it express you is unimaginable and we support whatever you draw on your own canvas, see tattoo ideas from all over the world.