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Are you planning to get a tattoo? Then let us help you out with the best tattoo designs that look mesmerising on your body. If you like any one of them, let us know at tattoo luv, and we will help you out.  The best tattoo designs for the tattoo lovers 1. Forest Tattoos Featuring Wolves The […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 30, 2020

25. This was my first tattoo, it’s a bit stretched from the weight I put on when I was pregnant, but I still love it. Death tarot card 24. Hyped for TLOU 2! Fireflies tattoo. Done by Wilson Tavares in Willink Tatto Queluz Portugal 23. 9 Months healed, Fern tattoo by Loui Tuhaka at Natives […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 29, 2020

25. Got my shin blasted at Hub City Tattoo in MS… I was chillin for the lower half but the blue/green smoke had me cursing up a storm 24. Space monkey tethered to a mushroom planet – Big Mike at White Lotus Tattoo in Highlands Ranch, CO 23. Psychedelic Inspired Felix The Cat. Done By […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 28, 2020

25. My first piece tattooed by Kevin nijsse at walls and skin, Rotterdam 24. Freshly done floral arm piece, by Baby Jay at Good Neighbor Body Art in Birmingham, AL. 23. Taurus Bull piece done by Drayegon at Star Tattoo in Milwaukie OR. 22. Healed snake tattoo – by Alesha Kobzeva at Tattoo All Stars […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 27, 2020

25. Koi and Chrysanthemum, Josh @ City of Ink, Christchurch NZ 24. Batman Joker dagger by Juicy Jake from Reverent Tattoo, Las Vegas 23. New piece don’t envy Brian Baker @ Black Cross Tattoo in Russellville, AR 22. A fun skull done by Tuck at Weatherproof Tattoo in Harriman, NY 21. My Buddhist + Fiji […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 26, 2020

25. 1 year healed by Tony @ Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor in Sacramento, CA. 24. My newly done ink by Big Fish @ Bohemian Tattoo Arts (Tauranga, New Zealand) 23. Warrior struck by an arrow by Merel Woudwijk. Healed a bit less than a year old. 22. Is there anything I can do to fix […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 25, 2020

25. First tattoo! Done by Jayne at Fidelity Tattoo Co in White Marsh MD! 24. Fresh Pink Panther/ Tiger on the chest by Manh Huynh at Freedom Inks, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 23. Got this bee today for my dad! Super stoked with it. (Britty – Titan Tattoo in Nashville, TN) 22. a tribute […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 22, 2020

25. Done by Pukk at Hand of Hope Tattoo, Stockport, UK 24. First tattoo! Done by Kira Teter @ The Hive, Salt Lake City, Utah 23. Clean Kool Aid Man by Nick Appolo out of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania! (570 Tattooing Co.) 22. my first hand poked tattoo, it doesn’t really have a whole lot of […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 21, 2020

25. No dream is to big. Done by Chris at Rabbits Den Tattoo Parlor in Milltown, NJ 24. Got this on my arm to remember my mom after she passed away last year. I miss her everyday (By Mike Cole, Temple Tattoo, Cumberland) 23. Young black pussy! (1yr) Still needs plenty of work! (Mike Cantu […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – May 20, 2020

25. Right arm done by Filip at Red Dragon Tattoo, Umeå, Sweden. 24. My girlfriend Arcanine! By @Amaya_Ink, at Peau de Lapin in Montpellier, FR 23. Artist: Takato – Location Adrenaline Tattoo in Toronto, Canada. Theme – Family Tree with Wolf Guardian. 22. Celebrating my one year in Texas the best way I know how. […]