25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Apr 3, 2020

25. Idk why but I’ve always just wanted my whole back done. 24. My first tatttoo, Hannah Dudley-Seventh day studio, AKL NZ 23. Beauty and the Beast themed tattoo we started a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to finish it after quarantine! 22. Space hot air balloon done by me Jennifer Jackal at International Ink […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Apr 2, 2020

25. Lighthouse Tattoo by (me) Adam Sky, Tuesday Tattoo, San Francisco, California 24. My prophecy (Junior @ physical Graffiti in Linden, NJ) 23. This dreamy floral piece! By Kay “Allday” at Black Anvil in Fort Wayne, IN 22. My first tattoo, A Tiger and Marigolds, Alkali Tattoo 21. Cernunos by Mike Moses at Cauldron Tattoo […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Apr 1, 2020

25. Tatted by my guys June & Ken from Tatted Loose in Hollywood, FL (forearm tatt was the most painful one). 24. My sis, bro and I got matching tattoos! [J-P diamond ink, Montreal, Cacanada] 23. I had to get Frankenstein themed tattoo, based on a design by The Literary Emporium, done by James at […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 31, 2020

25. Got this fun little eye done by Rosalyn at Salon Serpent, Amsterdam, Netherlands 24. Hp Lovecraft inspired tattoo done by Sapo at Scorpion Studios in Houston, Tx. Proud of this baby 23. My 1 day old palm tattoo by Deathorglory666 at Monarch Tattoo in Wellington, New Zealand 22. My take on the eye of […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 30, 2020

25. (WIP) Falkor by Kitty at Let’s Buzz, Norway – fresh in the pic, from February. Continuing soon! 24. New tat in spirit of spooktober Nice Ink PA done by Angela she did all of them on my leg. 23. 15 hours of black work by Boris Bianchi @ Grit n Glory in NYC 22. […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 28, 2020

25. Second tattoo, done back in February. Done by Saint Karlos at Box5 Tattoo & Fine Art in Livonia, MI 24. Clean Kool Aid Man by Nick Appolo out of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania! (570 Tattooing Co.) 23. Grandfathers Knife (on me) done by Steve Minerva, Hidden History Tattoo. Dover, New Hampshire. 22. Floral gem ornamental […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 27, 2020

25. First tattoo made by Michał Fronc; ArtLine Tattoo; Poznań; Poland 24. The Assassin insignia I got 5 months ago at ZEN Tattoo in Czechia, Teplice. The artist has only introduced himself by his first name, Honza. 23. Fresh mandala by the very talented Mark Lonsdale of Lighthouse Tattoo, Sydney, Australia. 22. My Ghoul and […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 26, 2020

25. my old chubby dog by Razvan Rosca- BasTattoo, Romania. 24. mom’s favorite flower. by finley jordan at sovereign tattoo. portland, or 23. Just got this done, watercolour tree @ Primal Ink Tattoos, Victoria, Australia 22. Newest addition to my psychedelic inspired sleeve. Done by Chuck at INKcredible tattoo in Lancaster, PA 21. It looks […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 25, 2020

25. My fresh fruit bat tattoo ready for the Halloween season! Done by Christel Perkins at Tribal Rites in Fort Collins, CO 24. My 4th tattoo done by Lee at Alzone, England. 23. Started my sleeve! First session, outline, with Levi Murphy at Clocwork Tattoo Studio, PA 22. Paris by Eric Brunning – Black Rider […]

25 Tattoo Ideas of the Day – Mar 24, 2020

25. Space hot air balloon done by me Jennifer Jackal at International Ink in Stevens Point Wisconsin. 24. Recent stomach piece – Ryan Spangler put of Liquid Courage in Omaha, Ne. 23. Eagle done by Lee Brewster. Currently at Hybrid Image in Cincinnati Ohio 22. Tiger head done by Malik Kleinwort from Tattoohandwerk in Munich, […]